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Coco Cake Land Book Launch Party Installation

Posted by Make Merry Party Shop on

We've been super fans of Lyndsay Sung's work for a long time now, and were honoured to be asked to decorate for her book launch at Little Mountain Shop this summer!

Lyndsay is the creator of fabulous cakes, a fun and informative blog, and now her own cookbook. We are both proud owners of her new book and having read it with our kids (over and over), it is truly a resource that will teach you to create cute and pretty party cakes'.

After meeting with Lyndsay we decided to create a party space that reflected the cover of the book, and her love of all things bright and fun!

Having the beautiful Little Mountain Shop as our canvas made designing decor a breeze. Filling the space with crepe, balloons and a focal point backdrop, complimented the cakes throughout the party, and left lots of room for celebrating.

(Behind the scenes photos by Make Merry)

We love creating installations for people and spaces we admire and are so happy with how this one turned out! Thank you Lyndsay for trusting us with such a special project.

(Event photos by The Pauhaus)