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Lindsay’s List

Lindsay’s List
June 13, 2017 Make Merry
In What's New

Hello! For day two of our birthday celebration, I’m sharing my five fave products from the last year. These products are all on sale today for 30% off! View the products below and click the links to shop. Sale ends tonight (June 13) at midnight.

xo Lindsay

DIY Letter Banner: Black Our top seller and my personal fave! We use it at every show, for birthdays, Christmas and every party and event in between.

Pom Pom Party Hats We used these at my daughter’s 2nd birthday party last year, and she still wears it around the house regularly. These hats are VERY sturdy, the glitter stays put, the pom pom is adorable – what’s not to love.

Squiggle Plate – 9″ I love this pattern so much! I’m already planning to use these for my next birthday party. Bonus, they’re recyclable in Metro Vancouver. Just toss them in the blue bin after a quick rinse.

Watermelon Napkins Another top seller, these napkins are the cutest! I’ll be taking these to a few picnics this summer.

Pink Ombre Candles I’ve used the same pack at every party this year. They’re so tall, they can easily be reused a few times, and with 24 in a pack, it’ll be awhile before we run out. Also available in blue/green ombre and gold!

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